Great Intranets from Cisco to GoDaddy

Great intranets come in many forms, and often look and feel different from one to another. There are, however, some common threads that link some of the great intranets: executive sponsorship, secure governance (and ownership), and great content, supported by solid content management.

A look at some of the great intranets on display at the 2017 Digital Workplace & Intranet Global Forum conference reveals some common themes about the importance of governance, executive sponsorship, content, and a simple approach to user experience design.

According to intranet consultants, Prescient Digital Media, a great intranet has five key ingredients:

  • Executive sponsorship
  • Detailed governance
  • Advanced search
  • Rigorous content management
  • Great content

See and read about some of best intranets on the planet in the column Great Intranets: Cisco, GoDaddy, Merck, PNM Resources

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