SharePoint, Truth & Fiction

Microsoft rules the enterprise technology market. Email, operating systems, office productivity tools (think Word and Office), and now the intranet, with Microsoft SharePoint. They don’t just want your business, they want to run your business, and own the digital workplace.

Now some 17-years-old, SharePoint continues to rapidly grow and infiltrate the enterprise: 200,000+ organizations use SharePoint, representing 200 million users. And it aims to dominate cloud computing also, with the release of SharePoint 2019 and the online companion as part of Office 365.

SharePoint 2019 was just unveiled, with great fanfare and buzz amongst those inside or close to the Microsoft community. But to most average users and administrators without insider caché, the new release – three years in the making – was met with little more than a nod. And very few have indicated they will rush to implement. Though those with Office 365 automatically have the latest features in SharePoint Online.

SharePoint’s greatest strength is it’s an all-in-one approach – it’s a portal, a content management system, a search engine, a social collaboration platform, a web development platform, and so much more. It’s also it’s greatest weakness…

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